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Trumpet & Travel #6 - Oingo Boingo Dance Party May 2018 Tour Part 1 - Salt Lake City

Oingo Boingo Dance Party went into full on "beast mode" for May 2018. As you may or may not know, I've been a member of Johnny Vatos' Oingo Boingo Dance Party since he started it back up for Halloween in 2005. This band has become a real family and I'm proud to hold down the trumpet chair in one of the great horn section bands in rock history.

We started off our tour with May 4th & 5th in Salt Lake City, Utah at a club called Liquid Joe's. This was perfect for me because it gave me a great opportunity to connect with the good people of my horn company, Cannonball Instruments, which is based in SLC. For some reason, Johnny Vatos likes to fly out of the Long Beach airport. Don't get me wrong, it's a relatively easy airport to deal with, but it's not exactly close to where I live in Los Angeles.

So, the lead singer of OBDP, Brendan McKian, and I met at the guitar player Mike "The Spike's" house and shared a Lyft to the aiport. We had an 8am flight so we met at Mike's at 5:30am....ouch. Remember that means I had to leave my place in L.A. by around 4:30am...Rock-n-Roll.

We arrived at the airport in plenty of time so Brendan and I grabbed some breakfast at the airport. I had forgotten that it was May the 4th ("Be with you") until we saw the waitress was dressed like Princess Leia.